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9 Super Cool and Funny Quotes/Images About Fangirls and Fangirling

Hello all of my fellow fangirls (and boys)! Long time no see. Sorry about that. Today I am going to be showing you guys 5 super cool quotes about fangirls and fangirling in general. I hope you like them! So lets get started. :)

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Well most of us don't.

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Pretty much.

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It really is quite hard. 

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What is this "calm" you speak of? I have never heard of such thing. 

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So do you agree with these? What are some fangirl quotes that you know? Should I do a part 2 of this?

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

16 Cool Quotes from All the Broken Pieces by Ann E. Burg

I would have used a baseball for this picture but I didn't have one so instead I used a tennis ball. They seem pretty similar to me. 

I am back today with my 5th post on this blog! Before I start I want to say so sorry that I have not been posting on here that often. I have just been preoccupied with summer reading and my other blog (with you can find here). But I am now posting. So I had such an awesome time doing my 2 other quote based posts (you can find then here and here) I have decided to do another one! I am showing you guys 16 amazing quote from All the Broken Pieces. This is an amazing novel that is written in verse with makes it even cooler and more quotable. This is set after the Vietnam war and it is about  Matt who is from Vietnam and was born during the war. But his mother gave him to some american soldiers and now he lives in america with an adoptive family.  I highly recommend you read it as well. So lets get started!

*note all of these images I made

"There is darkness on the water. There is darkness on the land. There is darkness all around us, but I will hold your hand."

This is just so sweet! It is a melody that the mother sings. 

"My Vietnam is just a pocketful of broken pieces I carry inside me."

The main character of this book Matt says this.  

"Freedom is the color of bright red sneakers."

That is so what freedom is! This is what Matt answers when he is asked to say what freedom is. He says that freedom is bright red sneakers because of his little brother (who he is not related to) who always wears bright red sneakers. 

"Jeff's fingers are bigger then mine but they know how to touch each key one at a time."

I think Matt is jealous of Jeff. Jeff is Matt's piano teacher.

"It's hard to worry about stuff when my father sings."

That is so loving!

"It's hard to play slow and full of sorrow when you've pitched a perfect game."

It really is (not that I have had that experience before but I can guess).

"How can I focus on pitching when I am riding in Jeff's silver Corvette?"

I don't know! Don't ask me!

"They don't look like soldiers. They just look like beat up men."

Maybe soldiers are beat up men. Ever think of that?? Huhh (no offense to soldiers or anything)?

"The war changed all of us Matt. Whether we went or whether we stayed the war changed us all."

Wars can do that sometimes.

"Maybe the Americans should have brought baseballs instead of bombs."

I agree! Baseballs are better!

"Hearing Jeff talk about me is a little like floating underwater; I can hear him, his voice is clear, but distant to."

That happens to me a lot!

"It's hard to come home but it's harder to go back."

I don't know. I like it.

"It's okay if you don't want to talk about it right now, he says. But someday I hope you will."

OK so parent life lesson. When you want your kid to talk about something that they don't want to talk about say this instead of like "It's OK we've all gone through it" or "You can tell me anything". Those thing make kids more uncomfortable (most of the time). OK parent lesson over. 

"The heart always has room for more love."

This is so true and you guys always have to remember it. 

"Sometimes the words people don't say are as powerful as the ones they do say. "

Yes this is so true!

"Words are messy, but sometimes, words are all you've got to show what matters most."

This might just be one of the best book quotes in like the whole word.


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Should I do more posts with quotes from books, movies, and people? Have you read All the Broken Pieces? Isn't it awesome? Do you like the book? Which quote is your favroite?

Sunday, August 14, 2016


Hi, I'm wolfa and I'm hear to talk about the stages of becoming a shipper. Now if your new to being a fangirl(fanboys,I know some go on this blog) you probably  heard the word shipping ( also otp ).
Basically  it's putting to people's a trap you set a can't escape.
Moving on  let just start:)

1. That one account

You go on that account and search up your fandom and curiosities' s  srucks and you click the one with a ship and for an example heres one of mine.

I ship soul x maka from soul eater ( I recommend it if you watch the anime or read the manga, the manga better in this one I my opinion)

2. Look at  them 24:7 

                                                   you continue looking and find more, and by that  I'm mean pile's. its
gets worst

3.jeouslys   of  how they are in that world....

now here are dreams enjoy this maybe
oh never say cartoon or anime characters aren't hot because-

wait forgot a real one


5. Watch for the ship

Basically almost to step you watch for the ship and glory of it.
.......... I hope you enjoy it, I will see you on my next post, this is all  I have to say.


review: "don't panic" by all time low.

"Wait, Izzy is going to do a review?????? Where did this come from?????"

Yes, that's right. I recently got the album "Don't Panic" by All Time Low and honestly I love it. i decided to do a review on it (bc I'm bored.) so enjoy!


basic info: 

album title: Don't Panic
artist: All Time Low
tracks: 12
length: ????
date released: October 8, 2012 


so this is the front of the album (duh.). the whole theme of the album is the end of the world, like the zombie apocalypse or giant fiery meteors crashing down on the world.

on the back we just have all the songs on the album. in order, the titles are: the reckless and the brave, backseat serenade, if these sheets were states, somewhere in neverland, so long soldier, the irony of choking on a lifesaver, to live and let go, outlines, thanks to you, for baltimore, paint you wings, and so long, and thanks for all the booze.

(future hearts {above} and don't panic {below})

so when you open it up you fold it out (like so.) and you just have random images on the inside. i do like how you fold the cd out to open it, instead of struggling for fifteen million years trying to get a plastic box thing open with the cd in it (like those two taylor swift cds that i don't listen to anymore. lol.)

so for the lyric book (excuse my feet and my leg with a freckle on it lol.) it folds out, and it just has the lyrics of all the songs off of the album.

the cd itself looks like this and yeah. the monster's head was sorta missing (because of the hole.) so i stuck my finger in the hole so now my finger is that monster-alien thing. xD

i also found out that alex gaskarth is wearing a shirt with one of his songs on it lol.


yes this dude.

so yeah, i guess that's it. remind me to never to a review again because i suck at them. xD