Wednesday, July 13, 2016

10 Amazing Emma Watson Quotes

Hi everyone! Nabila here back with my second post. This time I am showing you guys 10 of my favroite Emma Watson quotes. You probably know who she is (because she is amazing) but if you don't the name hermine will proably help you remember. She played Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter movies (she was an amazing hermine) and now she is positioning herself as a super strong feminist (I would call myself a feminist too). Aka she is an amazing human being. And so I wanted to share her amazingness with you guys. So let's get started!

Yes! I can so relate to this one. Sometimes when everyone says they love something you feel stupid when you actually hate that thing but it is actually ok (as Emma Watson says). Everyone has different tastes. 

This is an amazing quote about modesty. The takeaway is pretty much just to dress modestly. 

It is absolutely so sad! You should never ever try to make yourself seem less smart for someone else. You are amazing and if someone doesn't see/like that then they are not good enough for you. 

 Really truly finding out who you are and what you want is hard. 

As should everyone. 

Because being strong sometimes does mean being sensitive. 

I trully trully belive this too. 

Everyone should be able to decide who they are. You should never let society do it for you.  

The ambition and idea of equality for both genders. 

They will!

And then you can do anything! 


Hi you guys! So did you like my post? I think I am going to do more quote posts like this. Tell me in the comments whose quotes you want me to list. Also I think I am going to do a hermione granger version too. Would you like that?

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Bye and I hope you have a good day!